What is orcas?
  • Marketplace.
  • Assignments. 
  • Planner.
  • Fleet.
  • Orders
How much does it cost to use orcas?
What are the benefits of using orcas?
  • Email address.
  • Letterhead.
  • Telephone number.
  • Address.
  • IBAN.
  • Insurance.
  • EU license.
  • VAT number.
  • Fleet data.
  • Trailer data.
What information needs to be on the letterhead?
  • Your company address.
  • Your company VAT number.
  • Your company IBAN / bank account information.
Why do I need to give my company VAT?
Do I need to populate all the fields in the application form?
What if I cannot provide all of the documents required in the application form?
What happens after I submit my company application?
What does the account activation entail?
Which browsers are supported by orcas?
What if I am a sennder carrier but have never accessed orcas?
Who from my organization can use orcas?
How do I integrate my fleet with GPS tracking?
  • Name of the Telematic Provider.
  • The Telematic Provider's Account Manager’s contact information.
How do I view my account information?
What do I do if I forget my password?
How can I invite my colleagues to join orcas?

Simply click on My Account, select “Invite team member(s),” and fill out the contact information in the Invite Team Members field. An email will be sent to your team member to enable their immediate access to orcas.

How do I change the default language?
How do I change my company details?
What does the Marketplace page do?

orcas’ Marketplace lets carriers view and bid on thousands of exclusive transports guaranteed by sennder. Maximize your profits with Automated Next Load Suggestions, tailored to your preferred lanes and fleet availability.

How do I make an offer?

There are two ways to make an offer:

  1. Accept Now: this option displays the recommended price of the offer based on sennder's pricing algorithm. Selecting this option automatically books the order.
  2. Make an offer: this option allows you to submit a counteroffer to the proposed price. Simply type in the price of your counteroffer and click submit. If you decide not to wait for your counteroffer to be accepted or rejected, you can always select Accept Now.
What happens if my counteroffer is rejected?

If your counteroffer was rejected, you can contact your Carrier Manager, who will assist you in submitting another offer.

How does Accept Now work?

Accept Now displays the recommended price of the offer based on sennder's pricing algorithm, and automatically books the order and guarantees you the price displayed. With this option, there is no lengthy back and forth with your Carrier Manager or uncertainty as to whether or not you have successfully won a bid.

What are Saved Lanes?

Saved Lanes allows you to immediately save the lanes and book the loads that are tailored to your preferences. You can easily save a lane when searching for a load in the Marketplace.

If you have driven with sennder before, recommended Saved Lanes based on your Marketplace experience. You can save as many lanes as you want and view them in a dedicated Saved Lanes tab in the Marketplace.

Pickup or drop off locations are a minimum requirement for saving a lane, however can be specified with additional information, such as Radius to pickup and/or drop off locations, truck type, and load dimensions, among others.

What does the Assignments page do?

orcas’ Assignments stores all of your transports which were booked through the Marketplace or brokered by your Carrier Manager.  

How much time do I have to accept a transport before the offer expires?

Your Carrier Manager will set either a six or twelve hour window for you to accept or reject a transport. If the transport isn’t accepted or rejected in this timeframe, the offer closes and moves into the Expired tab.

What does the Planner page do?

orcas’ Planner gives you a comprehensive overview of all of your week’s transports. With one click, you can seamlessly search for new Marketplace orders that fill the gaps in your schedule.

What is in the Unassigned section?

The Unassigned section helps you identify which trucks or drivers remain unassigned to your transports so that you may more easily assign them. You will see all unassigned trucks when the Trucks tab is selected. Likewise, you will see all unassigned drivers when the Drivers tab is selected.

Please note that assigning a different truck or driver to an order where one is already assigned will cause the replaced truck or driver to appear in the Unassigned section.

What does the Fleet page do?

orcas’ Fleet page helps you track the status of your vehicle and driver assignments. To save even more time, your Fleet integrates truck and trailer information from your previous sennder orders.

What are these "Trucks," "Trailers," and "Drivers" buttons on the top of the page?

These top buttons signal which information from your fleet is missing, and provides a quick redirect to the location of the information that needs updating.

What does the Orders page do?

orcas’ Orders page lets you add, assign, and manage all your sennder and non-sender transports, from execution all the way to completion. Easily find important order information, which is automatically updated with any changes you make to your Planner or Fleet.

How can I upload my Proof of Delivery?

Orders which require a POD upload are indicated by the following icon located on the right of the order on the Orders page:

Upload your POD by clicking going to the Orders page, clicking on the order in question, and selecting the Proof of Delivery tab in the pop up window that appears.

Note that you can only upload the PODs for sennder orders which have already been dispatched.

Payment and Claims
When do I receive payment?

There are multiple options for receiving payments:

  • Reception of payments within 30 days.
  • Reception of payments within three days at a 3% discount.

Upon your first login to orcas, a popup window will appear to ask you which payment terms you prefer. If your payments are to be received within 30 days and you would like this modified, you can change your payment term within orcas by clicking on an order, selecting the “Proof of Delivery” tab, and clicking the blue banner that appears in the window.

Moreover, outside of orcas, you can change your payment terms by going to the accelerated payments page or directly in the POD upload form. Finally, you can always change your payment terms by sending a request to finance@sennder.com.

Please contact finance@sennder.com if your payment is delayed, and be sure to the reference numbers of all the orders for which payment has been delayed.

Can I check the payment date for my loads in orcas?

Yes. You can see your credit notes with one simple click.

To view your orders which have their credit note available, click the Credit Note Issued filter on the top of the Orders page, or click the following icon to the right of the order:

You can download a PDF credit note directly from the order details window.

Which accessorial freight charges does sennder impose and how much do they cost?
Which accessorial freight charges does sennder reimburse and how much do they cost?
  • €20 per hour, maximum €160 per 24 hours (for a less than 12 tonne load).
  • €35 per hour, maximum €280 per 24 hours (for a greater than 12 tonne load).
  • 33% of the freight charge if the cancellation occurs between four to eight hours prior to the agreed collection time.
  • 50% of the freight charge if the cancellation occurs between two and four hours prior to the agreed collection time.
  • 70% of the freight charge if the cancellation occurs within two hours prior to the agreed collection time.
  • €231 if the order was canceled between 8:00-10:00.
  • €231 if the order was cancelled between 12:00-16:00.
  • €350 if the order was cancelled between 16:00-18:00.
  • €350 if the order was cancelled after 18:00.
How do I check the status of my claims?
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