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Why do we need your company information?

Our goal at sennder is to optimize our carriers' fleets and increase their profits. In order to do so, we need to verify details about the company, fleet, and preferred lanes in order to help you book the best loads for your business and grant you access to orcas, sennder's exclusive carrier platform.

Please note that this form is not a binding agreement.

Do you have questions about becoming a sennder carrier?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you might have about becoming a sennder carrier.

What is orcas?

orcas is sennder's digital carrier platform that has all the necessary tools to source and manage all of your transports, all in one place. It contains our Marketplace where you can access thousands of sennder-exclusive loads, and transport management tools including a planner, fleet manager, and order manager.

What are the benefits of using orcas?

Simply put: the more you use orcas, the more access, rewards, and profits you receive.

From the moment you first hit the pavement with orcas, you can use its transport management tools to centralize and track your important transport information. Integrating your fleet with GPS tracking allows you to access all orcas’ features and book an unlimited amount of sennder transports in the Marketplace.

Why is sennder requesting my company's VAT number?

A VAT number is a unique identifier of a taxable business. Your VAT number allows us to identify the fiscal status of your company and the place of taxation of your company.

Do I need to populate all of the fields in the sennder carrier application?

Yes, all the fields in the application form are mandatory.

What if I cannot provide all my company information or documents?

Unfortunately, the documents requested in the application are necessary for becoming a sennder carrier. If you cannot provide all the documents requested, sennder will not be able to partner with you.

What happens after I submit my company information?

sennder’s Carrier Growth team reviews your application, makes note of your preferences, assigns you a dedicated Carrier Manager, and grants you access to orcas.

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